My Season of Transition and Change

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Life transitions are never easy and as I sit down to write this blog post I’m struck by the number of changes and transitions August has brought into my life. For folks with kids, early August tends to feel like the end of summer as kids head back to school. For others it’s the start of a new journey with teens heading off to college for the first time, while others begin new jobs or even head out on vacation. Some transitions are harder as with death, divorce and trauma, but all  life changes, happy or sad, create some level of upheaval, excitement, sadness, grief or joy. And what we do with these emotions and the many and varied ways in which we cope, matter more than ever.

I gave birth to my first born in August, and discovered very recently that her birth date coincided with the very first day I stepped foot onto American soil 33 years ago.  I’m not sure why it’s taken me this long to figure that out but something clicked today, and I went back to my old passport (yes, I am a pack rat, though not a hoarder!!!) to check the immigration stamp and sure enough, there it was, a bold pink stamp on the second page of my passport, August 1986. Coincidence??

That stamp signified a radical life change for me, and one that has taken decades to sort through. It’s impact has been deep, lasting and affected my identity, sense of belonging and at my very core, my roots.  It continues to affect decisions I make on a daily basis though it’s effect has softened through the many years of soul searching and healing.

No doubt each an every one of us faces multiple transitions in life from the moment we are birthed into this world, until we transition out. Life brings us changes big and small, every step of the way, and the manner in which we respond to these transitions affect our ability to survive, thrive and succeed. I know I tend to shut down and get a little clogged up when I’m in the midst of transitions and change, and tend to procrastinate a whole lot. I can tell you that integrating all the moving parts of Mood Indigo into one major lifestyle brand, Mood Indigo Living, has been a bigger transition than I anticipated. Bringing a long held vision into reality is both exciting and terrifying and while I’ve worked hard with my web designer to bring it to fruition, I worked equally hard at delaying the inevitable for as long as possible! I’m a little scared, a little worried that it will be a major flop, and perhaps equally worried that it will be a big success. Normal, natural emotions I know, but sometimes hard to identify and articulate.  And how interesting that the month I chose (unconsciously thought it may have been) to launch this website was none other than August! Are you sensing a theme here?

Big life changes can often strip us of a sense of the familiar and some of what keeps us in emotional equilibrium and control of our lives. It can leave us feeling raw, vulnerable and sometimes confused. Making sense of these emotions and all the practicalities of the transition and change can be difficult without support, guidance and context.

So as I grapple with the smaller transition of Mood Indigo Living from the kernel of an idea to her birthing, and the fact that my youngest child is now a senior in high school and will be flying the coop soon (trying not to think about all that right now…), I’d really love to hear about YOUR life transitions big and small. Whether you’re simply starting a new job, moving to a new city, ending relationships, starting new ones or dealing with the loss of someone near and dear to you, or dealing with some very real trauma, I’d love to hear from you.

  • What has it been like for you?
  • How are you coping?
  • Are you even aware of what a big impact this life transition has had on you?
  • How has it affected you?
  • In what aspect of your life have you experienced some level of stress or anxiety as a result of this transition?

Send me your thoughts, you know I love hearing from you!

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