Meet the Maker

Réa Wright

Soul healer,
Empowerment coach
Soap Witch

Okay, I’ll admit it! I am a Soap-Nut, who loves staying up into the wee hours of the morning stirring a cauldron of hot soap, while blasting bad eighties pop.

Making soap is a lot of fun, allows me to connect with my creativity and provides a wonderful outlet for my “limited” artistic abilities! It also gives me the opportunity to engage with an incredible community of people like you, who support my vision of mind-body healing from the inside, out.

Where it all began

Mood Indigo was birthed out of necessity when we discovered that my 5 year old daughter struggled with asthma and chronic allergies. In the weeks and months that followed I spent hours searching the web for information on the causes of allergies and asthma. The results were shocking and confusing and I became increasingly interested in skin and respiratory health, the science of soap-making, and the effects of essential oils on mood and overall well-being. I soon began experimenting with textures and scents, and created clean-green skincare products made of plant-based ingredients. My deep desire is to share these products and my deeper understanding of Mind-Body healing.

Our Mood Indigo Tribe is …

Witty, Adventurous, Straight-talking, Vulnerable, Authentic and Real.

We are seekers, healers, mothers, makers, artists, leaders, travelers, entrepreneurs, wise women, wise men, goddesses, maidens and girls.

We respect and honor differences and work hard to include everyone. Going the extra mile for equality and justice is an imperative.

Mood Indigo Manifesto

Express every part of yourself to live a life that’s filled with passion, purpose, fun, humor, creativity, balance, wholeness, ease, pleasure and a deep sense of connection to your most authentic Self.


We are kind to our bodies and the earth, and care deeply about sustainability and living consciously.

We believe that plant-based, non-toxic skincare is essential to our health and wellbeing, and contributes to the care of the earth.

We care deeply about the environment because we believe that we are all intrinsically connected with nature and to each other.


We believe in powerful, real self-care from the inside-out!

We love our bodies and understand that taking care of these precious vessels requires kindness, care, nurturing and a deep appreciation for the unique and different ways in which we’ve been created.

As we re-define Self-care, we also acknowledge that we are works in progress, that mistakes are part of this journey, humor is an important survival mechanism, and that our internal critic could use a real break!

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As a Psychotherapist for over 30 years,

I’ve guided and supported countless people in their struggles around identity, belonging, relationships, loss and a desire to live happy, fulfilled lives. My understanding of the Body-Mind connection has grown in leaps and bounds as I’ve witnessed the powerful shifts my clients have made. We are learning incredible lessons about the ways in which our body, brain and emotions interact with each other in a seamless feedback loop. Mood Indigo is my imperfect way of blending and sharing these two parts of myself: “Empowerment Coach/Soul Healer” and “Soap Witch.” Join me as we meander through this journey to optimal body-mind health and vibrant living!

So whether you have good moods or blue ones, dry skin or an oily mess, my hope is that Mood Indigo will bring you small moments of joy, good moods, and joyful singing skin every single day!

Come join me on this journey to radiant skin, and joyful, vibrant living!

All the little things matter

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that...

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The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that...

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