The Magic of Essential Oils: How Scents Shape Our Mood and Memories

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Have you ever closed your eyes and been instantly transported to another time and place, all thanks to a familiar scent or aroma? The warm, earthy, musky scent of wet earth during a heavy rain; the heavenly scent of bread (or brownies) cooking in the oven; the relaxing aromas of lavender in grandma's hankies; oh those exciting teenage years..lip gloss and May Chang scented everything!! Scents are powerful  things and neuroscience makes clear that smell and memory seem closely linked because of the ways in which our brains work.

Our sense of smell has a unique connection to the limbic system (the amygdala and hippocampus,) the part of the brain that governs our emotions and forms our memories. Scents aren't just pleasant (or unpleasant) sensations; they're a direct line to our emotional core. When we inhale these aromas, molecules travel up our nasal cavity and trigger olfactory receptors that send signals directly to the limbic system. This is why certain scents can evoke vivid memories, create immediate emotional responses or even impact behavior

Studies have also shown that essential oils can have a significant impact on our mood. For example, research suggests that inhaling lavender essential oil can promote feelings of relaxation and reduce anxiety. Similarly, citrus essential oils like lemon and grapefruit are thought to have mood-lifting properties. 

Here at Mood Indigo, we often suggest you "Shop by Mood," which in turn directs you to specific scent categories like Comforting, or Grounding or Relaxing. Incorporating essential oils into your self-care routine can be a natural way to support your emotional and physical well-being and we want you to find the scent that most feels like YOU! 

We craft all our bath, body and skincare products with potent plant extracts, free from synthetic fragrances, so you can experience the true magic of aromatherapy.

  • Our handcrafted soaps come alive with vibrant essential oil blends. "Wake It Up" awakens your senses with a burst of Peppermint, while "Lavender Cloud" soothes your mind and body with the calming properties of this classic essential oil.

  • Our invigorating body scrubs combine the exfoliating power of sugar or salt with the uplifting or calming properties of essential oils. Choose from a "Love Chai" scrub infused with lemongrass and ginger, or a "Vanilaaaah" scrub filled with comforting vibes.

  • Our luxurious body butters are packed with moisture and nourishment, scented with essential oils to create a truly sensorial experience. Indulge in the rich, hydrating, earthy, carefree properties of our "Happy Hippie" body butter with a deep dark patchouli and sweet orange blend, or unwind with the calming scent of lavender in our "Lavender Cloud" body butter.

  • Looking for a portable way to take your essential oil favorites with you? Look no further than our roll-on natural perfumes. These convenient essential oil blends allow you to experience the mood-boosting and well-being benefits wherever you go.

So next time you're looking for a way to boost your mood, recall a nostalgic memory or create a special self-care ritual, consider the power of essential oils. Explore our Mood Indigo collections and discover how the magic of nature's scents can transform your self-care routine. Remember, scent is a unique and personal journey. Experiment with different essential oil blends and find the ones that resonate most with you. Your scent journey will reflect your unique personality and bring you confidence and joy! 

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