Remember Who You Are - You have permission to Pause

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I hope you’re making it through these weird and trying times in the best way you can.

We've had our share of ups and downs here too! I’ve been inundated with meditations, exercise routines and suggestions for things “to do” to  focus and stay sane through our forced isolation. And you know that I've ignored most of them!! I'll be the first to admit that I've been a little shut down, and am gradually coming out of my stupor. February in particular was a very hard month, unrelated to COVID, though the virus certainly added to the mess of emotions. And when I'm under duress, I tend to isolate and go within. Plus I think there's a part of me deep down inside, that've very sloth like, and she has awakened through this crisis and reveled in simply being! Suffice to say, I haven't de-cluttered, or re-organized, or woken up each morning with yoga and meditation routines or quite frankly any routine at all. Much to the chagrin of my husband and awe of my teen, I've been keeping teenage hours and doing much of nothing besides cooking, and a few zoom sessions with clients! And the best part of all this........ NO GUILT whatsoever.  Well, mostly, no guilt....

It’s complicated, I know! Some folks are going stir crazy, others are wracked with anxiety about finances, the future and toxic situations at home. Some cannot adapt to the virtual world. We worry about our families and older parents often far away. Still others seem to be cooking, and baking like crazy and our teenagers are doing overtime on social media and computer games, and valiantly attempt virtual school. The list of woes is long and wide, but I just have to say…. 

How lucky we are to indeed have this time to ourselves, to rest a bit…..

How lucky we are to be safe and healthy........

How lucky we are to indeed have homes to shelter in….

How lucky we are to have clean water and electricity and the internet......

How lucky we are even when finances are tough and scary, to have this incredible pause in our lives, to slow down......... 

How incredibly lucky we are that nature has finally been able to recover and regenerate a bit from the daily assault and destruction we’ve wreaked on her....

And in keeping with these thoughts, I’d like to share a few wise words from Emma Zeck. Words that encapsulate my thoughts for us in this moment in time, even as we begin thinking about going back to normal, whatever that might mean. In fact it's even more important as we may soon be back to the non-stop hustle and bustle within a few short weeks.


I am reminding you of who YOU are. Will you remember? You have been given permission to take a break and pause. Will you?

And as you pause, consider all our frontline medical workers who do not have the luxury of this time and space. I am so grateful to them for all the risks they take, and applaud their courage,  dedication and desire to help and heal. They are indeed the real heroes!

And as you pause, celebrate the Earth and our magnificent Universe by sitting, walking, playing and being in nature; by connecting with the deepest parts of you; by rethinking the many ways you live and tread in this world, and by remembering who you are!


Stay safe and healthy my friends,

Much Love!

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