Mood Indigo - What's in a Name?

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I fell in love with the name when volunteering at a local college Arts Festival in Bombay. I was 17 at the time and having the time of my life, but the name stayed with me and popped up when I started thinking about my soap business. A lot of smart peeps around me (smarter than I), pressingly urged me to change the name and I’ve tried, believe me! Mood Indigo was once Dirty Soap,  then Sabu (pronounced Sabooo…meaning soap in Hindi), something French...Savon something or the other etc. but I kept coming back to Mood Indigo and all I can say is that it just feels right!

My intuition is something I really trust and nothing has stuck with me the way Mood Indigo seems to have done. So humor me as I explicate. Mood is quite obviously connected to my work as a psychotherapist, but interestingly back in the day, a good friend, who I shall not name (!!!) used to call me “Moody Modi,” Modi being my maiden name… how could I resist mood Indigo???? And Indigo…Indigo is such a deep and intense color, has such great depth and is native to India.

Indigo also represents the sixth chakra, Ajna, or the third eye which in turn, is related to intuition!!!! And intuition is something so basic and integral to the way I practice as a psychotherapist and the manner in which I relate to all people, that it seems destined to be part of my narrative….my Mood Indigo narrative!

And finally, there is a belief that "Indigo Children" are special and endowed with particularly deep intuition and connection with the universe! So heck, how can I turn down a name that has so many layers of meaning and that resonates and relates to me on so many different levels!! And c’mon folks, soap is just as deep and intense, right??!!!!

Have you ever felt that incredible intuitive pull to something that feels so right, even when people around you suggest otherwise? I’d love to hear from you, so please do share below!

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