Mind-Body Health and Healing: Join the Revolution

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I believe I’ve been called to this world of body mind health and healing as a way to help me sort through my own issues, and also as a journey back to my Self. I moved continents away from my home in India and all that was familiar to me, both culturally and emotionally, at the ripe old age of 18. In an effort to survive and assimilate I think I cut off from essential parts of myself and immersed myself in the 'Coke and tater tot' culture of what was around me. (Okay, nobody forced me to eat all those Tater Tots, but they were really, really hard to resist!!) Mind Body health and healing wasn’t even a passing thought as I struggled to survive in the new world. And yet, I am now a psychotherapist with 25+ years of clinical experience and an avid interest in health, healing, creativity and vibrant, joyful, fulfilled living.

Helping people find themselves is a passion of mine and as I’ve struggled to articulate why it is so, I realize that every time I connect deeply with someone in my office, I connect with a small part of myself. Soap making, believe it or not, is just another piece of that puzzle. Making soap is a creative endeavor and also an effort to provide my family and others, a healthy, healing, junk free product. So in my idiosyncratic way of thinking, the blending of Soap making and Therapy is the blending of Body and Mind, and if we could stretch that metaphor a bit further, the blending of my two cultures!! (Work with me!!)

To that end, I’m on a quest it seems, to explore what healthy, vibrant, joyful living looks and feels like, and I’m hoping that through this blog, I can inspire you to join me on this meandering body-mind, health and healing journey.

Keeping in mind of course, the fact that I won’t be living a joyful, healthy and vibrant life every minute of every dang day!!! But here’s to hoping anyway, and embarking on this journey with a great deal of conscious awareness and positive intention. Come along for the ride!!!!

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