Feeling the Moodi Mood?????????

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rWomen, Moods, Modi, Moodi…a natural evolution and it feels young and happy too... I’m connecting with my teenage Self here!!  We could be a band… The Moodis, not to be confused with the Moonies!!!  Mood is such an intense word and heaped with judgment and negativity.  When and why has “mood and moody” taken on such a pejorative tone? Teenagers are moody, menstrual women are moody, pregnant women are moody, your boss is moody, drag queens are moody and it sure seems that it’s mostly women who are moody!!!!!  We don’t usually talk about men as being moody though do we? Don’t men have bouts of sudden and unpredictable, sullen, mood changes?? Aren’t we all liable to have fluctuating moods, given the stressors we face daily, and the general ups and downs of life? Heck I know I do, and they can certainly change like the wind some days, but not just because I’m menstrual or a woman!!

I like the idea of giving women (and men…I’m convinced men have something akin to a menstrual cycle as well!! Ask Kurt on GLEE), permission to be as moody as they want, for as long as they want, in any way that they want. I think it’s about really acknowledging all emotions, negative and positive, without labeling them as “good” or “bad”. After all, they are simply emotions and will pass once acknowledged and experienced.  Acknowledging your moods and changing emotions is also simply an acknowledgement that life is not perfect and that YOU are not perfect. So even in this quest to live a healthy, vibrant life, I think it’s important to acknowledge our imperfect days and imperfect moods and perhaps even revel in these imperfections. It’s what makes us so very human and real.tr

So go on, get your Mood on and join this growing group of folks who I’m dubbing, the Moodis!!!! It’s time to join the Moodi Revolution (Moodi with an “i” just works better), and emote away. Mad, sad, happy or just plain bitchy, feel it, experience it, get to really know it, and let it be. Repressing those feelings ain't so good for your system, mind or body! So go ahead, get your mood on and come join the Moodi folk for some intense laughs, the inside scoop and the ability to connect with a group of people who are willing to live imperfectly vibrant lives, and of course, love products that promote good Moods!!! 

Feeling Moody??? Tell us about it! How do you deal with these ups and downs?

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