Men, Manly Scents and Moods!

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While I've on the subject of women/men and  their moods, I want to talk about men, manly scents and body products. I find it incredibly interesting when people, namely women, come up to my booth and ask for manly scents for their boyfriends, partners and husbands.  What the heck is a manly scent and why are men only allowed to buy manly scents??? Do men really like the idea of bathing in beer soap, or soap scented only with pine tar, woodsmoke, or kerosene?  Who decided that these are the only scents manly enough for men to consume? Why??  What’s really interesting to me is the fact that the men who come to my booth at markets and fairs tend to be drawn to Lavender, Cinnamon and Mango, and of course OUTLAW!

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Perhaps men haven’t been allowed to like and use the floral fragrances or anything that might make them smell “girly”. But when and how did these aromas get masculine and feminine designations? Why can’t men use them and still be macho and manly? I wonder too if perhaps this is a cultural issue? As men and women redefine what it means to be masculine and feminine in today’s society, might I suggest that women, it’s time to let your man use a bar of Lavender soap!!!! And if he uses a bar of Mood Indigo’s Lavender Cloud, not only will he smell nice but he’ll also be in a particularly relaxed mood!

But seriously, isn’t part of our psychic task to be able to hold the masculine and feminine, the yin and yang in balance, within us? Perhaps a simple start in that direction might be to allow men to indulge in their feminine side by acknowledging their attraction to things that look, feel and smell good. Perhaps part of living a vibrant life is also about acknowledging these very different and distinct opposites within us, and yet holding them in balance, to form the whole.  So what do you think….can men start using scents that are not designated as “Man scents”?  Does this mean we women will have to start bathing in beer soap or worse- bacon soap, to get in touch with our masculine side?

 So tell us, honestly, what scents does your Man really like? And what are some scents you define as uniquely masculine and feminine...I'm really curious!


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