The Benefits of Body Scrubbing - Exfoliating Bliss!

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Do you or don’t you exfoliate? If you do, how often should you use a scrub and if you don’t, why not? What old myths are keeping you from an important step in your skincare and wellness routine? Salt or Sugar Scrub?

I think I've learned that if there is one skincare ritual that doesn't get enough attention, it is exfoliation!

While we are busy layering up hydrating products on our skin, we tend to forget that our skin goes through the process of regeneration by shedding dead skin cells every day. Very often, environmental toxins and the buildup of dead skin cells can leave your skin looking dull and scaly. And instead of focusing on integrating exfoliation into our routines, we simply load up on more hydration!!!

Body exfoliation has long been part of the Ayurvedic deep-cleansing philosophy. Like dry brushing, exfoliating can Impact you on both a physical and mental level. Weekly light exfoliation can stimulate the skin AND eliminate toxins and dead skin cells more efficiently.  Plus, the rhythmic nature of a weekly scrubbing ritual can be deeply calming, relaxing and meditative leading to improved mood, clarity and focus.


The most obvious point of body scrubbing is the sloughing away of dead skin and environmental crud that builds up over time. Gently exfoliating on a regular basis rids the body from a buildup of hard, dead skin cells and  helps maintain soft and healthy skin underneath. The regular removal of dead skin cells can also help to reduce  scarring or pigmentation issues leaving your skin singing your favorite tunes

The action of body scrubbing can stimulate the lymphatic drainage system beneath multiple layers of skin, which in turn helps the body rid itself of a buildup of internal toxins. Igniting the lymphatic system in this way helps maintain a strong immune system and in ayurvedic traditions, scrubbing in the direction of the heart also helps to unblock the lymph ducts located all over the body, but particularly the ones around the heart. Body brushing is a key part of Ayurveda for the same reasons. It aids in a reduction of cellulite and helps to cleanse the body internally as well as literally polishing the skin’s exterior.


Body scrubbing is a great way to stimulate multiple senses and the wonderful essential oils used in our Scrubs, enhances the sensory experience. For an uplifting and revitalizing effect try our Love Chai and Wake It Up! Body Scrubs. Love Chai Sugar Scrub is Imbued with the uplifting aromas of lively lemongrass, while Wake It Up’s minty ingredients truly awaken the senses with a Zing – your ideal morning scrub. Looking for something relaxing and calming try  our relaxing Lavender Cloud Face & Body Scrub or grounding and centering Happy Hippie Patchouli Salt Scrub. Mind-Body Health at it's best!

Tips for Body Scrubbing

Always start scrubbing from the feet upwards in the direction of the heart

  • Scrub the torso and back last
  • Scrub in gentle, circular motions
  • Apply firm pressure on thicker areas of the body like the bottoms of the feet and light pressure where the skin is thinner
  • Begin your scrub directly onto dry skin before a shower or bath and then continue scrubbing in water
  • Yes, most of our scrubs can be used on your face as well, thought I would not use the Peppermint and Lemongrass scrubs on your face or anywhere near your eyes.

Salt or Sugar Scrubs:

Interestingly, this is a very personal preference.

Salt scrubs tend to boast larger particles and as a result they are a little grittier while sugar scrubs have smaller particles and tend to be gentler on the skin. Salt does have healing properties that sugar does no, but it might be important to weigh those benefits against the dreaded sting or burn of salt scrubs while shaving legs!

I tend to use Salt Scrubs in the Summer as I tend to be sweatier and stinkier and the salt seems to help with that, and I use the sugar scrubs the rest of the year. And I use both Coco-Loco Salt Scrub and Lavender Cloud sugar scrub on my face.

So once or twice a week, take time out to gently exfoliate for glowing, healthy skin.

 And as a bonus to you, here's an easy DIY exfoliating scrub that you can prepare using ingredients in your kitchen:


  • 2 tablespoons of chickpea flour or ground oatmeal
  • 1 tablespoon yogurt
  • A drop or two of water as needed to make a smooth paste


  1. Mix the ingredients into a thick paste. 
  2. Apply on your face and neck. Let it sit for a minute or two and then gently massage and wash it off with warm water

Happy Exfoliating!

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