Fall Musings: Supply chain woes, Elder-Care, Loofah’s revenge and TikTok!

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Well, that’s really it in a nutshell! It’s been a maddening, emotional, and interesting Fall for this small business owner! I know I tend to take on one too many things, but it’s always been a choice I’ve made. This notion that I want to live life fully and to be open to all experiences, sometimes leaves me exhausted and depleted. That and staying up until 2am binge-watching Cobra Kai on Netflix!

What’s been so incredibly frustrating is the continuing saga of supply chain issues around packaging. I have 700 Post Industrial Resin jars stacked to the ceiling in my studio, but NO LIDS! Yes, I thought I was ahead of the game when I ordered them in February, thinking the lids would arrive a couple of weeks later! Nope, still no sign of the lids and we are well into Butter season! I’ll spare you the details of gnashing teeth, tense conversations with incredibly kind customer service reps, and the frenzied search for new packaging. I think I’ve found a temporary solution but I’m still awaiting delivery…sigh! Who said running a small business would be easy??

In between all the making and searching I’ve made multiple trips up to Canada to take care of my Mama who continues to struggle with her health. My parents are aging rapidly and it’s hard to be so far away, and emotional to watch them decline. While I understand it’s a part of life, it’s still very hard, and I know so many of you relate to my experiences. I know I couldn’t do it without all the love and support of my friends and folks from the incredible Mood Indigo community.

Harvested loofahs on the ground.

But on to more cheerful subjects like the Loofah’s revenge. Jeez, I only planted 3 plants this year and my entire garden was covered in Loofah vines. I was under the impression that    these vines were tender and needed particular care, but boy did neglect do the trick this year. I have however been  instructed that I simply CANNOT grow any more Loofah next year....my generally kind and patient husband is quite        done with the chaos and mess! I have at least a hundred  Loofah’s to process and while it should be able to make a  LOT of loofah soap, stripping & processing 'em is a handful! Perhaps he’ll forget by the Spring of 2024 and I’ll start over again!!!

What has however been incredibly fun, are the Loo Bomb reels I’ve been making! Have you seen ‘em? Go check them out on Instagram and Facebook and send me your thoughts please! These little scent-explosions have been bestsellers and in a moment of exuberance I thought I’d attempt to make a Tik Tok video as well! Egads, it’s just not as simple as I thought it would be and I also got absolutely zero help from my daughter who said, “Just DON’T!” But I did…perhaps it's a little lame… But stay tuned, ‘cos I’m working on it!!

Just keep on keeping on folks, and know that your support of this small business owner is more appreciated than you know!

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