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March 21st is around the corner, the first day of Spring, the New Year in ancient traditions and I should add, as the Parsis say, Navroze Mubarak… Happy New Year! A time of renewal, birth, rebirth and nature's glorious profusion of burgeoning color, scent and beauty.

If you recall, in the early parts of 2021 I suggested you delay setting intentions for the new year and focus instead on releasing and letting go of old griefs, difficulties in the year prior, old hurts and resentments. Letting go of repetitive patterns is harder and I’m not suggesting your emotional work has to be done, just that it’s important to make some space for the new, some room for accepting and taking in the good.

So it’s time now that to sit down and create a vision board of what you truly want and desire. Let it emerge from the deepest parts of you unquestioned and as you begin to start exploring, writing, thinking, dreaming about what you desire, don’t simply go to the ideas you’ve already recycled. It’s not about wanting to lose the next 10 pounds; maybe it’s about accepting yourself the way you are. Or even making 6 figures in your business… why 6 figures, what about that is meaningful or important?

So here’s a ritual for your Spring New Year!

Sit down in a quiet space over several days with art supplies, magazines and whatever else you may want to use to create.

Practice 3 part breathing and/or listen to a meditation that helps you feel grounded and centered before you begin. This is important.

Allow your thoughts to drift through without focusing on each one. Instead, let your body and emotions be your guide. Use art, music, collage, words, images to create a vision board representing your deepest desires, both conscious and unconscious. Don’t judge, question, criticize, dismiss or negate what shows up. You’re making space for these desires, so let them emerge unscathed.

Allow, Acknowledge & Accept what you’ve birthed without judgment.

I know this can be hard but what better time to begin or practice? You will not be getting a grade AND this is just for you. You DO NOT need to share this with anyone unless you absolutely want to.

Light a candle, gather some flowers, stones, leaves… essential oils... whatever is meaningful to you and create a little space on a table … an altar of sorts as tribute to your work.

At this point I'd avoid jumping into listing out goals and doing any planning. Just sit with this vision for a few days, week(s) and feel your way through. Does a particular word, theme or idea really resonate with you? Stay open to the ideas emerging. Some may of course be old, but there may be some new ways in which they show up, which could be important for you. If you absolutely need more structure, play with these sentence stems and see what comes up.

  • I am….
  • My one deepest desire….
  • If I were to manifest my deepest desires, I…..

It’s often easier to crank out the list of intentions and harder to slow down and listen to the true yearnings of your Self. Accepting what shows up can be hard as well, but that may be something to explore another time.

Once you feel clear about what is emerging, or has emerged, write out a few sentences to summarize your intentions. A few intentions, goals, ideas that will guide you through 2021. Also follow those intentions with a few specific actions or behaviors that you're willing to commit to through the year. Keep it simple enough to write out on an index card that you can look at every day. 

Photograph your vision board so that you can look at it whenever you want, especially when feeling out of sync with yourself. Create small changes in your thinking and ways of expressing and revel in the new experiences.

Happy New Year my friends, and Navroze Mubarak

You know I love hearing from you, so please do send me your thoughts and experiences. 

Photo by yue su on Unsplash

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