The Season of Balance & Letting Go: The Autumnal Equinox

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It feels important to reach out to you today, the day of our seasonal Autumnal Equinox. Fall energy requires that we transition from light into growing darkness, a journey of transition and change. But today we are balanced in what seems to be equal parts daylight and equal parts night. As we wind down and savor the last bits of summer warmth and mover towards the fall and winter, it’s time to recognize and relish all that you’ve harvested for yourself and from nature these last few months.

I love the fall. The cooling air, the crunch of leaves, being able to sit around a campfire with friends and loved ones, and the promise of warm snuggles and possibly sourdough bread!!

As we journey through the fall and winter, nature guides us through this season of letting go. While the trees drop their leaves, so too are we gently encouraged to start taking stock, and begin the process of letting go. Gently, slowly, but with burgeoning awareness, kindness and a willingness to be honest with ourselves.

I’m still harvesting all sorts of things from my garden, so the notion of letting go hasn’t quite sunk in. But my plants and trees are certainly turning yellow and brown and while I’m looking forward to planning for the holidays, I’m also beginning to take stock of this year. There’s been so much grief and loss on multiple levels and I’ve been grieving all along with both friends and family. There's a much larger collective sense of loss all over the world and I know we're all feeling it. As usual, there's also been a lot of joy and wonder in my life, and a lot of emotion in between.

Letting go, and releasing takes on a new awareness and deepening connection to self. In traditional Chinese medicine, the energy of fall correlates to the lungs: breathing into the experience, discerning what you value, what you want to hold onto, and what you’re willing to release. Understand that it’s a process and requires gentle, compassionate inquiry and real curiosity, with no judgement.

I’m about to embark on a fall Ayurvedic cleanse tomorrow, which forces me to slow down and think about what I eat (a little painful for moi.) Which in turn helps me slow down to reflect, to breathe, and explore what I truly want in my life versus my reality. And so I invite you to slow down and contemplate too! It doesn’t have to be a full on cleanse, just find 10 minutes in your day to breathe, empty your monkey mind and connect to you. Release your attachment to a particular outcome. Slow down, calm your senses, breathe in the energy of fall and release what needs letting go. And it’s ok if you’re not even sure what that might be.

Notice what comes up for you. 

Acknowledge your experience.

Write it down if it helps.

Then release it all. 

Do this on a regular basis and you'll find a deepening sense of peace and connection.  Of course, it's not all easy as you may find this experience evokes discomfort, some tension and strong emotion. But that's the point of getting to letting go. You've been unconsciously holding on to all kinds of stuff, and "unstuffing," while uncomfortable, is powerful, productive and will lead to a happier YOU!

Send me your thoughts and experiences as I'd love to simply witness and walk this journey with you!

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