Bombay Blues

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I’m recovering from The Bombay Blues; and getting back to life is difficult, confusing and filled with some sorrow. Overcoming this collision of my two worlds and refocusing my attention to writing this blog has been even harder…sigh…perhaps a reminder that my vacation is over and that the realities of life are back in full force!

So if you’ve been reading about the unfolding saga with my visas and the inefficient company that has the contract to process Indian visas (Yes, apparently even the Indian Government outsources!!), you should know that my passport arrived at 4:00pm on the Friday prior to my 4:00am Monday departure. It arrived following a hysterical midnight conversation with a FedEx employee who calmly stated that my passport had been returned to the sender!! I won’t bore you with the details of that conversation but it would have made for excellent Hollywood/Bollywood drama. Suffice to say, it finally arrived and we left on our sojourn in excited and greatly relieved spirits.

My children amazed and surprised me with their openness, curiosity and willingness to experience everything. My husband…well, let’s leave that to another blog on travel and relationships, okay!!!! As Moodi woman Kelly Hanner suggested, I was open to all possibilities and as a result was deeply gratified with their response to India. Truth be told, I’m incredibly grateful that they liked Bombay, as I’m not sure how I would have reacted to an adverse review!!!

Going back is always a complicated matter for me, perhaps less so for others, but complex and deeply emotion laden for me. Spending time with family and friends I don’t get to see very often is incredibly fulfilling but the leaving is extraordinarily painful and sad. And there’s no in between for me and I’m not sure how to quite find that balance.

This time around, I reconnected with friends who are scattered around the globe, several of whom I had not seen in 20+ years. I’m amazed by the instant connection, warmth and ease with which I re-connected, of course, some were warmer and easier than others. It’s been an interesting process for me, this gradual reconnection with folks from my past, and the internal sense of peace and comfort it brings me. Yes, I feel like I connect with lost parts of myself every time I make this journey and it brings with it a profound sense of happiness and cross continental connection; followed of course by a long bout of the Bombay Blues, upon my return!

As I recover from these Bombay Blues I am so very grateful for all my creature comforts, friends and family on this continent, and you my Moodi supporters, but I do grieve deeply for all those who’s company I have to part with, particularly my wonderful aunts. Being this global citizen as Salman Rushdie suggested, has become a lot less painful, especially as I integrate my roots into my life here. So get ready folks...I've been dreaming about workshops and retreats in Jaipur and Kerala!!!

And while I’ve been brooding and drinking cups of tea, I’ve also decided to create a new soap called Bombay Chai: Green tea with spearmint and lemongrass, bound to refresh and rejuvenate!! What d’yall think??

I do love hearing from you all, so please send me your thoughts, impressions and feedback!

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