A Mother's Day Tribute: Two Generations of Women, by Cait Allison

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How to write a tribute to two generations of women, who profoundly impacted my life! I think it would take me weeks to sort through all my favorite memories, stories and remembrances. But I thought I would start with soap, since it’s a big theme for the women in our family, and fits for Mood Indigo!

One of my favorite Christmas traditions that we have is soaps, lotions and potions. Every year at Christmas time, Mrs. Claus, aka my mom, stuffed my stocking, hung on the fireplace, with soaps, lotions, and potions. My nana, her mother through adoption, also got the lotion gifts year after year. Now, as I reflect back on that unspoken expectation of soaps in my stockings, I think my mom was actually passing down the gift of self care for Christmas. My own mom, an equal mix of love and momma bear ferocity, works harder than anyone I know. She has built several businesses, inspiring me as a female entrepreneur, and still managed to run a household and hold traditions. And her mother, my nana, although tiny in stature, is equally brave, having served in the Air Force as a nurse, and raised two children all on her own.

When I think back on what these two women have achieved in their lives, I feel humbled. I have big shoes to fill. Women are such amazing beings, bringing creativity and life into this world. And I feel so fortunate to have these two special women in my life. I am eternally grateful for the subtle message of self-care that I got along the way. You can build a business, and still have great skin! Hah!!
Love these two mamas!

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