A Small but Powerful Ritual for 2021

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2020 has been a doozy of a year and I know you’re ready to move on! Hindsight truly will become 2020 baby!!!

If I’ve learned one thing through this pandemic, it’s that we are truly stronger, more creative and resilient than we know! So as you journey forth into 2021 feeling hopeful and full of expectation, it’s more important than ever to make some space to pause, take stock of the past year. To process both the positive and negative experiences and to then release the toxic build up of emotions before jumping into goal and intention setting for the new year.

What do you really want out of the new Year?

What baggage would you love to leave behind?

What might keep you stuck?

So many of us are not sure what it is we really yearn for, desire, and want for ourselves. Most of us haven’t had the time and space to really consider what that might mean. And so when we rush to create vision boards and intention cards early on in the process, what tumbles out has very little to do with your real, deep down desires, but instead, has more to do with what you’re “supposed to” and “expected to” say and do. Sure, you may want to lose another 10lbs, but perhaps the real desire is that you want to feel accepted  and loved exactly the way you are!

Yes, I’m indeed suggesting you Dump your New Year Resolutions and Vision Boards for Now.... ..

If we allow ourselves to intuitively follow the rhythms and cycles of nature, instead of the Roman construct of the calendar year, you will find that winter is a time of release and deep processing on a very granular and seed-like level. Winter,  is the time to slow down, to hibernate, let go, grieve perhaps and to release, release, release!

I hope that you will Invest some time in letting go so that as you approach Spring, you will have a lot more clarity around what it is you actually want for yourself.

Here’s a ritual I find helpful to get this process started. You can start on New Year’s Eve and continue through the dark of winter.

Create some quiet time and space to tune in.

Grab a journal or simply get some paper, crayons and pens

Light a candle, burn some incense, or use a smudge stick.

Grab a cup or tea… Do whatever you need to create juju that evokes a sense of comfort, calm and connection.

Take several deep breaths with extra long exhales, and listen to my heart centered Meditation or any other meditation that grounds and centers you.

Take a few minutes to walk through your year and jot down moments, events, experiences that were meaningful to you and impacted you in important ways. Moments both positive or negative

Jot down any particular emotions and experiences you’d like to release.

Write them out.

Then sit with your emotions and acknowledge them as they surface.       

Then burn them, or shred them as you begin the process of letting go.

New Year’s Eve is a great time to start and you can repeat this ritual as you continue processing and working through what you want to release throughout the winter. Reach out to me if you’d like a little help along the way!

Finally, pick a word or two that might help guide and support you through the winter, especially since most folks around you will be on the goal setting train!! Use those words as a mantra and reminder to ground and soothe you as embark on this journey.

Then walk into the New Year with a new sense of possibilities!

I hope 2021 brings you your heart’s desires, good health and much prosperity!

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