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Soaps for Good Moods & Radiant Skin!

A-Not-So-Secret Obsession


"Wake It UP! makes my skin tingle & my brain light up!" ~ Judith

"This special soap, Tulsi, is part of my morning shower meditation" ~ J.R.

"Smells heavenly & my skin loves it too" ~ Irene

"I'm very picky, and Lavender Cloud is hands down my most favorite Lavender Soap ever!!" ~ Sarah

"We love all of Mood Indigo's soaps but the lavender and lemongrass are our favorites. The suds are great, the soap is not drying, and the scent is a lovely retreat/escape." ~ Rosie M.

"Soap with a real, manly scent. I can't get this at the store." ~ Mark

"Adds a little joy to my morning routine" ~ Jan

"It's Monday morning... It's grey and cold... I stumble to the shower... I grab my bar of Love Chai & the sun comes out, my body begins to tingle and my day begins with a song. Mood Indigo Soaps make my day!" Carol H.

Good for YOU and the PLANET!

Our beautiful products are hand-crafted in small batches for happy, healthy skin and seriously good moods!

Handcrafted by happy women, our products are imbued with vibrant & joyful energy

Free of all synthetic colors and fragrances.

Made with premium plant-based butters, oils, botanicals, clays, and essential oils.

We take fun, luxurious Self-Care & Sustainability very seriously, and trust that you will too.

You're Welcome!

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