Patchouli Shave Soap – Happy Hippie

Happy Hippie Shave Soap - Patchouli

Far out, right? You’re hanging with friends…life’s good….

Mood Indigo's Happy Hippie Shave soap is infused with groovy Patchouli essential oil! Our vegan shave soap has a rich and creamy lather that both moisturizes and protects your face and is slick enough for a really close shave, on your most relaxed days!

These 4 ounces of Mood Indigo’s Happy Hippie Patchouli contain pure Patchouli & Sweet Orange essential oils, righteously blended with Olive, Coconut, Palm, Rice Bran oils, water, sodium hydroxide & natural botanical colorants.

Directions for Use: Soak your brush in hot water for a few minutes prior to use. Load soap by swirling your damp shaving brush in a circular motion over the surface of the soap.  Build lather by adding drops of water to the brush and then to soap. Work up a lather and then gently brush onto your face. Grab your razor and shave away.

*Discontinue use if any irritation occurs.

Patchouli Shave Soap – Happy Hippie


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