Coffee Soap



A Coffee Soap – Limited Edition

This bar of Coffee Soap is coffee lovers everywhere!

A simple artisanal soap, hand crafted with local Espresso Coffee grounds, coffee butter and a dark, rich coffee seed essential oils. This soap also contains espresso grounds that do wonders for those who need a little exfoliation. Gardeners and Chefs swear that this soap cleans and softens the dirtiest of hands!

We make just 75 of these gorgeous bars of Tulsi with Activated Charcoal, and they tend to disappear fast!


For: All skin types.

How: To be used in your shower daily or as a hand soap at the kitchen sink. Best kept to dry in a soap dish, soap net or soap saver.

Ingredients: These 4 ounces of Mood Indigo’s Coffee Soap are vigorously hand-blended with Olive, Coconut, Rice Bran oils, Coffee butter, Espresso Grounds, sodium hydroxide and Coffee Seed Essential oil.

A Coffee Soap – Limited Edition