Mood Indigo Manifesto

Here at Mood Indigo we believe in joyful, vibrant, healthy and conscious living.

Mood Indigo is a way of life, a way of living fully and vibrantly! It’s about expressing every part of yourself, to live a life that’s filled with passion, fun, humor, creativity, balance, wholeness, ease, pleasure and a deep sense of connection to your Self.

We are witty, adventurous, straight talking, vulnerable, authentic and real.  We care deeply about the earth and the environment because we believe that we are all intrinsically connected to each other.  

We love our bodies and understand that taking care of these vessels requires kindness, care, nurturing and a deep appreciation for the unique and different ways in which we’ve been created.

We respect and honor differences and work hard to include everyone, understanding that we’re all doing our best on this amazing planet. We believe in following our hearts and your dreams, embracing pleasure and our deepest desires. We believe in singing and dancing everyday. We believe in juicy sex, deep thoughts and karmic humor.

We believe in powerful, real self-care from the inside-out! In using products that are echo these beliefs and are kind to our bodies and the earth.

We believe in finding that skilled balance between wittiness and soulfulness, strength and vulnerability, emotions and cognition, and feminine and masculine. We are global travelers, seekers, wise women, goddesses, maidens and girls. We love and support Women of all colors, shapes and sizes. We love men too, and everyone in between! We believe in love, kindness, humor and inclusion.

We love animals, plants all things natural.  We believe that real healing happens when we connect from deep within, as we also intuitively feel into the powerful natural rhythms and cycles of nature. Conservation and care of this precious earth is our passion and imperative.

And we thank The Mother for it all!!