Private Coaching with Réa

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re reaching out to learn about how we can work together privately.

I work with creative, intelligent, soul-centered women who are ready to dive deep to overcome old stories and reinvent important parts of their lives.

If you know in your heart that you’ve lost pieces of your identity…that you’ve sacrificed vital parts of yourself to motherhood, parents, jobs or relationships…that you haven’t taken “good enough” care of yourself, your body, and your soul….that your life has become an endless to-do list without the excitement, vibrancy and purpose you want to be feeling…

…then let’s talk.

Through our coaching, you will:

  • Clarify your priorities and purpose beyond the constant “taking care of others first”
  • Get clear on next steps for a project, career change or major life transition
  • Release negative patterns both conscious and unconscious; negative emotions and that overwhelming feeling of never being enough
  • Improve relationships by creating boundaries that allow for deeper intimacy
  • Shift and heal physical symptoms that are often rooted in emotional pain and trauma
  • Reclaim ALL of who YOU are after a breakup or divorce
  • Take exquisite care of yourself & feel connected to your body and emotions
  • Finally process your grief & loss so that you can lift your heart and mood
  • Heal your relationship with your aging parents
  • Set better boundaries to create more time and space for yourself to thrive, while also creating a life with better balance and harmony

      …and so much more…

      Coaching can take place in person or virtually, and consists of regular meetings over a 3 or 6 month period. I open up just a few Private Coaching spots every year, and would love to have a conversation with you to see if we’re a good fit.

      Let’s schedule a complimentary conversation where we will assess the different areas of your life, get clear on your goals, and see how I can help.

      What Women are saying:

      I have talked with many therapists and coaches over the years, and Réa has blown all of them out of the water. I really feel heard and understood by her because she is such an engaged listener.  She is empathetic and caring. But what sets her apart is her exquisite ability to process information quickly, understand you and your needs, and come up with solutions, suggestions and feedback. She understands we all have a sense of urgency in getting to the next step and her guidance and advice is spot on. 

      ~ Jill R;  Charlotte, NC

      I first started seeing Réa for help with insecurities, depression, anxiety and low self esteem. Réa was very patient with me as I didn't let my guard down, and it took years. It was truly like an onion, peeling layer after layer. Opening up and trusting was very hard for me. She allowed me to go at my own, very slow pace and gently pushed when I needed it. I'm so thankful that Réa was there for me! I now know that whatever happened in the past, may have shaped me, but doesn't control me. I am a strong person and have control over me. I am worthy.  

       ~ Jennifer T., Mooresville

      Réa and I worked together during my separation, both in private sessions and in a group.  She helped me get through a confusing and stressful time by softening my strong tendency to suppress feelings in order to soldier on.  She gave me many new insights and ways of thinking about life's challenges, including how to be less afraid of feeling sad and to trust that grieving the end of my marriage is both healthy and healing.   Réa is gentle and wise and uses her training and experience to give counsel in a way that never feels clinical, but instead feels like I have a helpful, trustworthy guide through life.

      ~ Bowen R;  Charlotte, NC

      Réa gave me the gift of letting go of confusing frustrations that had plagued my life. She helped me acknowledge the damage done by a narcissistic father in the hard work of our sessions. I feel the most contentment with myself that I have every felt in my life. I am grateful every day.

      ~ Tara L.

      Réa helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I was going through an emotionally devastating divorce, and at times, wasn't sure I was strong enough to be there for my three young children. Réa helped me to dig deep, understand who I am, and to better cope with the situation I was dealt. It was because of Réa 's help and insight that I was able to reclaim myself and be the strong, solid mother that my children need and deserve. Today I am a secure, emotionally healthy, and truly happy woman. Thanks, Réa, you are a gift!

      ~ Angela R.