Meet Réa Wright

Réa Wright, LPC
verified by Psychology TodayDirectoryverified by Psychology Today

Réa Wright, LPC, is a psychotherapist, personal coach, mother, wife and founder of Mood Indigo Soaps, an all natural, eco-friendly skin and body-care micro-business that began in her kitchen in 2005.

Réa has been described as a “Soul Healer, Empowerment Coach,” and “Soap Witch” and brings a tremendous depth and momentum to her work that is both unique and transformational. She believes that we are on the cusp of a great and healing change in the world, led by everyday women, as they face their deepest fears and reclaim their innate feminine wisdom and power.

As a global citizen and psychotherapist (for over 25 years), Réa brings a unique perspective to the struggles women face around identity, belonging, displacement, potential, and a sense of Self. She masterfully supports women to tap into their creativity, their brilliance, and the resources that help them create the lives the really want.

She is also a Soap-Nut, who loves staying up into the wee hours of the morning stirring a cauldron of hot soap, while blasting bad eighties pop. Réa says, “Making soap allows me to connect with my creativity and provides a wonderful outlet for my limited artistic abilities! It gives me the opportunity to engage with an incredible community of people who support my vision of healing from the inside, out! ”

“I love helping people dive deep to reclaim and reconnect with the lost parts of themselves, wake up to their full potential and find a more empowered way in life. I have a deep interest and curiosity in the Mind-Body connection and believe that my two interests in life, psychotherapy/coaching and soap making, express that duality. Mood Indigo Soaps is an expression of my desire to revolutionize the way we think and take care of our Body-Minds while also making room for fun, ease and pleasure.” – Réa Wright